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Cynthia Deitrick

Email: cdeitrick@prairieresearch.com

Cynthia L. Deitrick, Chief Operating Officer of Prairie Education and Research Cooperative, is actively committed to clinical research, with a focus on emphasizing the importance of education and communication for physician and patient relations.


Janiece Rutherford

Clinical Science Liaison
Email: jrutherford@prairieresearch.com

Janiece M. Rutherford, Clinical Science Liaison and Manager of SynvaCor, has over 14 years of experience in peripheral and cardiovascular research involving clinical research coordination,  collaboration with Key Opinion Leaders, and management of a core laboratory dedicated to the advancement of peripheral arterial disease research.


Anna Plessa

Multi-Center Divisional Manager

Anna L. Plessa, Multicenter Division Manager at Prairie Education and Research Cooperative, has over 8 years of cardiovascular research experience involving data management, analysis, writing and publishing for coronary and peripheral studies.


Sadie Samson

Manager of Medical Education
Email: ssamson@prairieresearch.com

Sadie Samson, RN, BSN is the Manager of Medical Education at Prairie Education and Research Cooperative. Sadie earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Southeast Missouri State University, and currently holds an Illinois Registered Professional Nurse License. Sadie is experienced with the coordination and implementation of Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) activities and she is involved with initiating and planning Prairie Education and Research Cooperative’s (PERC) employee continuing education and new employee orientation.

Raegan Hamrick, R.N.

Investigational Site Division Manager
Email: rhamrick@prairieresearch.com

Raegan Hamrick, Investigational Site Division Manager at Prairie Education and Research Cooperative, has extensive clinical research trial experience. Most recently in Peripheral and Coronary Devices Trials, Cardiovascular Drug Trials, TAVR Trial, and Renal Denervation Trials.

Greg Johnson

IT Manager
Email: gjohnson@prairieresearch.com

Greg Johnson is an information technology professional with a BS in Telecommunications Management and 25 years of experience supporting, designing and implementing solutions enabling organizations to get the most from their technology. He has experience in all areas of information technology including computer operations, help desk, data communications, programming, network engineering, consulting and IT management.

Mark Sanders

Quality Assurance/Compliance Manager
Email: msanders@prairieresearch.com

Mark Sanders, RN, BSN, CCRC is the Quality Assurance/Compliance Manager at Prairie Education and Research Cooperative. He has 10 years of clinical research experience and his background includes duties as a Clinical Research Coordinator and also as a Project Manager. He is accustomed to working professionally with industry, government agencies and regulatory authorities.

Gwen St. Clair

Project Manager
Email: gstclair@prairieresearch.com

Gwen St. Clair, a project manager with Prairie Education and Research, has nearly seven years of cardiovascular research coordination and project management in Phase I-IV, cardiovascular drug, coronary and peripheral device, and radiographic trials, most recently specializing in superficial femoral and pelvic arterial studies..  

Robin Swinford

Clinical Research Associate (CRA) Supervisor/Project Manager
Email: rswinford@prairieresearch.com

Robin Swinford, RN BSN is the Clinical Research Associate (CRA) Supervisor/Project Manager at Prairie Education and Research Cooperative. Robin has six years clinical research experience in Coronary and Peripheral Device Trials as well as Cardiovascular Drug Trials. She currently coordinates all training and support for the Clinical Research Associate team.  

Kristen Boylen

Project Manager
Email: kboylen@prairieresearch.com

Kristen Boylen, R.T. (R) (CT) (MR), Project Manager joined PERC in 2012 with a background in Radiology.  During her time at PERC she has gained experience in supporting and managing Peripheral Vascular Device Trials.